What is Psoriasis?

Suffer from Psoriasis?

If you have Psoriasis, you're not alone. Millions of Americans are known to suffer from this debilitating and painful skin disease.


Are you at your wits end about what to do, received medical treatment to no or little avail, or you'd like to experience results without the side effects that go along with steroids or other medications?

NoSoria™ was developed just for you!

Dr. Lawrence S. Moy, a California dermatologist since 1990, is well known for his skin care inventions. Beyond his dermatology practice, he is a devoted scientific researcher spending hours in the laboratory developing products for various skin conditions. In 1994, he created Straie Plus, proven to be an effective treatment for eliminating stretch marks.

In 2010, Dr. Moy turned his attention toward researching, formulating and patenting NoSoria™, a non-invasive, topical product for psoriasis -- a devastating condition he has long observed and diagnosed in his dermatology patients. He studied how the medical community commonly treats psoriasis, and set out to change the standard protocol for the benefit of all sufferers.

The science behind standard psoriasis treatments

         Up until now, the most prescribed treatment for psoriasis are steroid creams. There are some 100 different versions of steroid creams available in varying strengths, with the most potent ones molecularly altered with fluoride.

Dr. Moy determined that fluorinated steroids are not the best way to go for psoriasis treatment. Why? The "rebound effect." Once a patient ceases steroid use, psoriasis flares up again, with significantly worse effects than before the steroids. Additionally, high-strength steroids can cause other rashes and skin thinning or atrophy. Pharmaceutical FDA-approved guidelines call for steroid use only two weeks at any one time, although many psoriasis patients use the creams much longer. There are even scientific reports that overuse of steroids may be associated with heart disease.

Other treatments for psoriasis include oral products, such as Methotrexate, which is medically proven to cause liver damage.  Then there are other prescribed drugs for psoriasis, such as Embrel and Humira, but they suppress the immune system causing a higher risk of infections.

The science behind NoSoria™

Dr. Moy created NoSoria as a comparable solution for topical steroids, but one that is available over the counter without a prescription.

“I wanted to give people the opportunity to clear and improve their psoriasis without the problems inherent with steroid use,” says Dr. Moy. “It's all about quality of life for psoriasis patients.”


Psoriasis outbreaks interfere with a sufferer's basic functions, self-care, create a feeling of self-consciousness, and are often a costly route when turning to prescription drugs, especially since they may only provide a "temporary fix."


The advantages of NoSoria™ for psoriasis

  • It's not new: it contains natural ingredients used in dermatology offices for years
  • Made with key vitamins and nutritional elements
  • More effective than prescription products for psoriasis
  • Safe and non toxic
  • Results compare to steroids, which can cause skin atrophy, rashes, and a rebound psoriasis flare
  • Eliminates some psoriasis spots completely
  • Available for home use


“I've tested and used NoSoria for my psoriasis patients,” says dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Moy. “Like other creams, it doesn't work perfectly for everyone. However, when it does work, it works better than the strongest-and much more expensive-steroid creams. NoSoria has the same mechanisms and effect that steroids and other prescription products have, yet it's much safer because it contains all natural ingredients.”


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