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  1. STRETCH MARK CREAM STRIAE PLUS® Regenetrol Complex® (8 oz.)
    87 % of 100
    Special Price $47.50 Regular Price $55.00
    • STRIAE PLUS® is a patented product that contains REGENATROL and in most cases works in 6 weeks.
    • STRIAE PLUS® transforms Stretch Marks. Our Stretch Mark Cream also works on Wrinkles and Acne Scars.
    • Our current promotion means you not only get a price discount, you will get 8 oz. (normally its an 4 oz. tube).
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  2. NOSORIA Psoriasis Treatment 4oz
    Special Price $34.00 Regular Price $40.00

    Get remarkable results with NOSORIA. All active ingredients are natural.

    NoSoria is the most effective product for psoriasis that can be purchased without a prescription. The product has been extensively studied for over 3 years in dermatology offices. The product contains all natural ingredients and essential vitamin agents that are effective for psoriasis. It works as well and sometimes better than prescription psoriasis medications.

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